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Between Los Angeles & San Diego aboard the


Ride along as we experience that "Day of Infamy" aboard our vintage railcars and celebrate America, our flag and our freedoms. Participate in our salute to America's World War II heroes; watch and listen as veterans share the hopes, fears and uncertainty of the times. Honor those men and women who paid the ultimate price for the precious freedoms we often take for granted.


1943 Movie "Troop Train"

Help us salute our Guests of Honor, the brave Veterans who were there when Pearl Harbor erupted in flames, on December 7th, 1941. This is a rare opportunity to share the personal stories of these brave battle survivors. Hear it just as they lived it.

These spirited men and women are now in their golden years, and growing fewer in numbers, daily. Sadly, we are now losing our W.W.II Veterans at an alarming rate ... over 1000 a day. That means, the W.W.II era is quickly coming to an end. This is your opportunity to join us as we honor these wonderful patriots, to thank them for the freedoms we enjoy today.

This patriotic excursion is dedicated to all W.W.II veterans and those who served on the home-front. They demonstrated courage, strength of character and determination to win, while serving and sacrificing in their fight to defend freedom and our Republic. These should be our Heroes!



Relive the styles and trends through the always popular and colorful W.W.II re-enactors, portraying civilian and military personnel of the 1940s era. Their vintage civilian attire and authentic military uniforms help to enrich the theme and delight you, our passengers. You'll love the personal narratives of the historic individuals they portray.


 Photo album from our 2008 trip


On a Wing and a Prayer


Our authentically uniformed staff await your arrival. The porter is at your service, while our waiters tempt your taste-buds with mouth-watering hors d'oeuvre, scrumptious snacks, and even "vintage offerings". These delicious, fresh morsels are expertly prepared by our own on board chef.

Behind the beautiful, quarter-circle bar, stands our bartender, ready to dispense aromatic coffee, assorted teas, a variety of juices, and old-fashioned soda

Our stalwart barber, extraordinaire, Earl Nickels, clips away in his first-class, railroad barbershop. The only operational example remaining in the world today. He is fearless while exercising the tonsorial arts, with train speeds up to 90 MPH

Our Stewardess/Nurse, Miss Emma Harrington is on duty, ready to assist the elderly, heat baby bottles, announce wayside points of interest, and possibly, provide a few moments of baby sitting to those young mothers traveling alone during these perilous times.

And last but not least, is our courageous and courteous Conductor, Bill Hatrick, who faithfully executes the affairs of rail travel aboard our wonderful pocket streamliner, the Pearl Harbor Day Troop Train.(TM)

Do you long for old fashioned service in this fast paced, fast food, disposable and sometimes detestable world we live in ... the Hatrick family, Bill, Debbie, Amanda and Christy are at your service. "When you ride with us, you're family too."





Trip Highlights:

  • Relive the 1940s streamliner travel era

  • Flash back to the good old days with Christmas decorations of the 1940s
  • Relive President Franklin Roosevelt's "Day of Infamy" speech.
  • Hear the story telling by Pearl Harbor Survivors
  • Visit with W.W. II Re-enactors.
  • Celebrate with Patriotic Music.
  • Relax to Holiday Music and old radio shows.
  • See W.W. II propaganda posters.
  • Enjoy some delicious foods from the War Years.
  • Savor a cup of Hot Mulling Spices.
  • Preserve this memory with a keepsake photo (additional fee).
  • Have an old fashioned, flag-waving, good time
  • Enjoy a fresh haircut aboard the last operating RR barbershop car (additional fee)
  • Prize for ticketed passenger wearing the best 1940s costume.
                                                                                Sorry-- Reenactors - not eligible.
                                                                              ~HIGHLIGHTS subject to change~



The only thing missing from this nostalgic experience are the orange groves outside the windows of our speeding troop train! So, Bring the entire family, and climb aboard for our annual,
Pearl Harbor Day Troop Train (TM) Excursion.



Moreover, does not that fight for freedom continue today? We ask God for His grace and blessing upon our newest veterans and soldiers of "Operation Iraqi Freedom" and Afghanistan's "Operation Enduring Freedom" who continue the fight against terrorism around the world. We are privileged to honor these young troops during our annual, patriotic, summer time celebration, aboard the ...

Flag Day Troop Train (TM)

 Sign up today, as space is limited.




Schedule & Fare Information

Regular Fare: $145.00 per person roundtrip

*Child Fare (11 and under) half fare: $72.50 (Rail excursion not recommended for those under 5)


Schedule Options:

Los Angeles to San Diego and return
Southbound passengers have a choice of two options:
Morning Turn (please note the "orange" schedule when you click on the "schedule" link below)
Evening Turn (please note the "violet" schedule when you click on the "schedule" link below)

Each Los Angeles to San Diego round-trip takes approximately 6 hours.


San Diego to Los Angeles and return
Northbound passengers can enjoy a nice "Mid Day in Los Angeles" schedule. FARE: $145.00, Child: $72.50
(please note the "brown" schedule when you click on schedule below)

Passengers may board at any regular Amtrak station.

Space is limited. We encourage booking reservations early.

You may board at any regular Amtrak station along the line. Sorry, it's not possible to adjust the fare.

 Click here for schedule

Please note the Orange schedule for the Morning Turn

Please note the Violet schedule for the Evening Turn

Please note the Brown schedule for the San Diego - LA Turn Southbound schedules read from top DOWN Northbound schedules read from bottom UP

Important note about fares:

The veterans are invited and honored guests, it is your patronage that allows us to collectively say, "Thank you" one more time. The re-enactors are guests as well, invited aboard to add "scenery and flavor" and enhance the educational experience of our presentation. But, all these "deadheads" (railroad term referring to someone riding the train free on a company pass) drastically cut capacity and place a heavier burden upon you, our cherished patrons. To you, our patrons who journey with us, Bill and Debbie say,

 "Thank you for joining our commemoration and helping us salute our veterans who helped guarantee the freedom we take for granted here in the good old United States of America!"



Checks and Credit Cards accepted.

Please phone for reservations:

714 546-6923 or 800 539-7245

Make checks payable to:, Inc.

And send to:

2054 Halladay Street

Santa Ana, California 92707 - 2904




Our cancellation policy:


A full refund is given if canceled for any reason 96 hours prior to your ride. If you have to cancel within 96 hours before departure, you may transfer your ticket to someone else without penalty or re-book to another trip with a $25.00 per ticket reschedule fee. Cancellations outside this policy and no-shows are not refunded. Train runs rain or shine.




Debbie and I are very grateful to Mr. Bill Lewis, United States Navy, (Retired) who has tirelessly provided immeasurable help in many facets of our "Troop Train" operations. As producer of the on-board festivities, he has made our trips both educational and entertaining as we strive to recognize the contributions of our past and present servicemen and women of the United States Armed Services. If you are a Southern California resident, you might be interested in his services as a special events/holiday decorating producer ... please call or write Bill.




World War II Safety Film Extolling the Virtues of Tightly Coiffed Women's Hair (youtube link)

  Photo album from our 2008 trip



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